Here are 10 things communities across the UK are doing to improve the environment, build connectedness and fight climate change - check out the links for inspiration!


  1. Getting people on their bikes: Reclaim the Streets 2020 – Aberdeen Cycle Forum; Chrisp Street Community Cycles;

  2. Taking power into their own hands through community-owned renewable energy projects, collective energy purchasing and projects to improve energy efficiency.  Exeter Community Energy https://www.ecoe.org.uk, Stoke Newington Stokey Energy; http://www.hertfordenergynow.org.uk/

  3. Reducing waste and sharing skills at Repair Cafes: Home | Repaircafe(12) Repair Cafe Tiverton | Facebook

  4. Redistributing unwanted food through Community Fridges. Community Fridges | Hubbub Foundation

  5. Creating kind, confident and connected communities through growing and celebrating local food: Incredible Edible – If you eat, you’re in

  6. Creating shared spaces to plant, grow and harvest native fruit trees: Thundridge Community Orchard (near Ware) Award Winning Thundridge Community Orchard History (jeansorchard.uk)   and Trumpington Community Orchard About us | Trumpington Community Orchard (trumpingtonorchard.org) 

  7. Improving children’s health, building community and challenging the ‘streets are for cars’ culture through Playstreets: About - Playing Out

  8. Encouraging walking, building community and supporting local businesses with Parklets: Parklets | Living Streets; parklets_tool_kit.pdf (livingstreets.org.uk)

  9. Making car use more efficient through Community Car Sharing A new model for car sharing in the local community — Possible (wearepossible.org)

  10. Community Composting: Community composting – Brighton and Hove Food Partnership (bhfood.org.uk); Community composting - Suffolk Recycling